Sputtered films

ATFSI offers a multitude of sputtered films on various substrate as well as offering expertise on the sputtering process for companies and individuals developing new products and processes. The applications of our films range from anti-wear, anti-friction coatings, to diffusion barriers, optical mirrors and filters, electrical shielding, and semiconductor devices. In addition ATFSI has developed unique capabilities such as sputter deposition onto fibers or sputter deposition inside of tubes and housings.

ATFSI has a large selection of target materials available, including metals, ceramics, semiconductors, transition metals, as well as magnetic alloys. Many of these materials may be deposited reactively as oxides or nitrides. Please contact us for a full list of available materials.

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Materials testing

In addition to sputter deposition, ATFSI has a variety of materials testing capabilities:

  • Electron microscopy
  • Spectrometry